Bed Extender

The Significance of Using Toyota Bed Extender Genuine Parts

The Genuine Toyota bed extender uses lightweight, high-strength, aluminum tube construction to add convenience and versatility to your truck. Increase your usable cargo length by approximately two feet when the tailgate is open, or use as an enclosed cargo area to secure smaller items with tailgate closed. Easy-install hardware included.

Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT329-35050;PT329-35050;PT329-35050;PT329-35050;PT329-35050;PT329-35050;PT329-35050;PT329-35050;PT329-35050;PT329-35050;PT329-35050;PT329-35050;PT329-35050;PT329-35050;PT329-35050;PT329-35050 More
Part Number PT392-35000
FINISH Powder Coated

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