Cargo Liner - Black

Benefits of Choosing Toyota Genuine Cargo Liner - (202B) - Black. Cargo Tray. Parts

Help keep your cargo area looking new with the tough, flexible and lightweight cargo liner.

  • Precisely engineered to fit the Highlander's cargo floor and covers third row seatback area with flexibility for coverage when seats are up or down
  • Easy to install and remove, it cleans with soap and water
  • Molded perimeter lip helps contain spills
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT924-48201-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20;PT924-48200-20 More
Part Number PT924-48210-20
Color Code 202B


Cargo and load capacity are limited by weight and distribution. Always properly secure cargo and cargo area.

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