Tarpaulin Cover

About this product

The Tarpaulin Cover (#65911-17030-D0), a crucial component in the Convertible Parts system, functions by providing protection to the car's interior. This body part shields the car cabin from external elements, such as rain, dust, and sunlight, preserving the car's interior quality and aesthetics. Over time, the Tarpaulin cover can wear out due to constant exposure to weather elements, potentially leading to leaks or cracks that could damage the vehicle's interior. The use of a genuine Toyota Tarpaulin Cover (#65911-17030-D0) ensures full compatibility with your vehicle, optimizing its effectiveness. Moreover, Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs authentic parts, providing you with peace of mind. A well-maintained Tarpaulin Cover (#65911-17030-D0) contributes to the overall safety and comfort of your vehicle, and aids in preserving its resale value.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 65911-17030-D0
Color_Number 1E3
Color_Name RED

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