Tonneau Cover Hook A

About this product

The Tonneau Cover Hook A (#64938-35020-E0), a key body part in the Package Tray Panel system, plays a vital role in securing the tonneau cover. This component ensures the cover remains firmly in place, protecting the truck bed from weather elements and theft. Toyota's genuine parts like this one are paramount for vehicle compatibility, aligning perfectly with design specifics and tolerances. The Tonneau Cover Hook A (#64938-35020-E0) is not immune to wear and tear. Should it become old or fail, the tonneau cover's alignment and secure attachment could be compromised. This could result in damages to the cover itself or the cargo area. Genuine parts from Toyota come with a warranty, supporting their longevity and reliability. In essence, the Tonneau Cover Hook A (#64938-35020-E0) adds to the efficiency and safety of the Package Tray Panel system, further enhancing the overall vehicle's functionality.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 64938-35020-E0
Color Name Oak

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