Roof Drip Side Finish Molding Rear Right Hand

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The Roof Drip Side Finish Molding Rear Right Hand (#75553-17020), a key Body part within the Convertible Parts system, plays a principal role in the management and redirection of water runoff from the car's roof. This molding is strategically positioned at the edges of the car's roof to channel rainwater or meltwater away from critical areas like the windshield, windows, and doors. This function keeps the driver's visibility clear and ensures water doesn’t seep into the interior. Toyota's genuine parts, such as this molding, offer vehicle compatibility and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. If this molding ages, loses its shape or breaks, it might fail to divert water effectively, leading to potential water damage. Thus, periodic replacement is advised. By functioning optimally, the Roof Drip Side Finish Molding Rear Right Hand (#75553-17020) contributes significantly to driver safety and vehicle efficiency.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75553-17020

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